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It’s okay to ask for help. The Happiness Project

I am currently spending a lot of time on reading since I am not working. I admit that I choose this book only by reading the cover. I think everyone wants to be happy no matter who you are, what you do, how old you are…etc. This book reminds me of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that I learned when I was in university. I am not sure if this is true, but I think that the book aiming to meet the third level in Maslow’s hierarchy which is love and belonging. I would like to share what I’ve read from this book.

I haven’t finish the book yet. I don’t wanna make any comment before I finish it, but I do have some idea to share.

“It’s okay to ask for help.”

When I read this sentence, I came to realize that I almost never ask for any kinds of help. It’s not that I am shy, but I just don’t feel like to bother other people. I always have an idea that why people would help me if I am useless to them. I think I am wrong.

For example, when I start working, I notice that people who ask for help from the senior do learn more than people who just try to do their best. Another example, when you lost your way when traveling, you can simply ask locals and save your time.

It seems that there’s not bad things when you ask for help!! If you were turned down by one person, it’s not big of a deal!! I guess this book did something good on me by reminding me that life is not as hard as you think it is!!

Okie, I am going to read on!! I will post more helpful quotes!!(From my point of view!!) 


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