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Although we are getting older in age, never forget the things which made you happy when you were a kid. Life changes and our minds changes as well. We try to remember things but we forget things at the same time. Some people said it’s better to let go of what in the past. Because there’s brighter future ahead of us. Don’t drag yourself in memories. I would agree to half of it. I like old and beautiful memories. Yeah I sometimes feel sad about we can’t go back. But that’s also a way to move forward. To make it happen again or to make even more beautiful memories. We feel sad and self doubted, and then we become stronger. The memories about childhood is so simple and beautiful. We can’t forget that. We bear that in mind and try to make something like that.

Road trip to northeast Taiwan with my lovely friends!!

Shanghai dumpling and spicy sour soup

I know they don’t look good to some people. They are not fancy at all. They were cook for taste not the look! These are some of the wonderful food that I miss in Shanghai!! The dumpling was somehow different from what I’ve had in Taiwan. They are more juicy and soft. And the soup is definitely not the same thing as you can find in Taiwan. They are much more spicier. They are not so spicy at the first but then your mouth and tongue hurt so much that you can’t not have more although you really want more!!

And they are very cheap by the way. When I visit Shanghai this year, I found that things are getting more expensive! These are some food that is good and also very affordable. For the soup and the dumpling, I spent like 2 to 3 dollars! It could be cheaper in some remote area!


Haven’t post on tumblr for ages! I was in Shanghai where I hardly find free wifi service.

This dish was cook by my boy friend who currently studying in Boston. He sent these pictures to me and tried to show me that he actually can cook. (Then why you seldom cook me when you were in Taiwan?!) I was really impressed by this! I like chopped pork rice a lot and it’s very easy to get them in Taiwan. I have never think of to make them. And yeah maybe if I have to study oversea I would definitely wanna eat them. And I might want to learn how to cook. But still it’s very impressive!!

My boyfriend said it turned out to be too salty! He put too much soy sauce. But it looks good anyway!!

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